Awesome Portlet Factory Presentation

Len Barker

by Len Barker

I attended an IBM session on WebSphere Portal development tools today.  They discussed RAD and Portlet Factory.  Jason Cornell, the WebSphere Portlet Factory product manager, did a terrific job demonstrating the power of Portlet Factory by creating a Portal application in 20 minutes.  His application had three portlets on the page: a Domino view portlet, a portlet the exposed data from a REST-ful web service and a portlet that pulled data from a SQL database.  He had a completely functional, wired up, styled application in no time.  When his application was done he could click on data in the Domino view portlet and it would pull data from the web service and SQL database on to the page all at once.

The great thing for Davalen was that Jason said that if anyone wanted to learn how to do what he just did he highly recommended the WebSphere Portlet Factory Top Gun training from Davalen!

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