WPF Projects – Folder Structure

Helmar Martens

by Helmar Martens


As a best practice recommendation, when you start a project in WebSphere Portlet Factory, I suggest that you create a folder structure that can be utilized by the entire development team. This folder structure should be created as one of the first tasks in your development effort. This way, every contributor places the artifacts they create on the proper folders, making the development task easier.

How this set of directories are created in the project varies, and it is certainly not a requirement, but here is a suggestive structure:








Other directories can be created according to the need of your project. The “company_name” directory is just an example and a place holder, of course that if you develop several projects for your company, you could use a name that is more suggestive to indicate the category of your specific project.

Performing this task right at the beginning of the development effort, provides common direction that keeps your project well structured, especially when there are several developers working on the same project.

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