A Domino Developer Review of 8.5

Todd Weimer

by Todd Weimer, Lotus Practice Area Manager 

Here at Davalen, we recently upgraded our entire Domino infrastructure to version 8.5. Everything has been pretty smooth and the new DAOS feature has already been proven to save a significant amount of disk space.

Getting the Blackberry Enterprise Server moved to a new 8.5 server was pretty straightforward but getting it correctly re-configured proved a little tricky. I attribute that to RIM documentation issues.

We have been able to leverage some XPages and have started using the built-in web service consumer and provider, which I find especially useful.

I created a service consumer for a .NET web service and the end result was customizable LotusScript library. The only real issue I had was getting reference information on the LotusScript web service data types (XSD_STRING and XSD_DATETIME for example), the Eclipse-based help documentation leaves a bit to be desired.

It seems that a very popular new Notes Client feature is the integration with personal calendars and being a “local replica” user of Notes databases, the replication does seem better, especially if I am sending attachments. The latest full release of Sametime does not run on Domino 8.5 but Lotus is promising something in July.

The 8.5 client does seem to load up faster than the 8.0x client but as an “old school” Domino developer, I must admit the Eclipse-based designer will take some getting used to. If you have been on the fence about upgrading to Domino 8.5, I would say now is the time!


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