Is there free resources to start studying Websphere Portlet Factory??

Ruth Jarvis

by Ruth Jarvis

After another twitter-filled day of announcements I received a questions from a follower responding to the following post at

His question response was simple…

 …but it sparked a great discussion bringing our Portlet Factory guys together to battle out what they found to be the best free resource. While we all agree that our services and training path are the most effective and efficient way to get start with Portlet Factory, we understand the growing need for finding information for free in a tough economy and budget crunch.
So what came out of the discussion? Check it out and add your own!

Dave Jacob, our Porlet Factory Practice Manager provided this feedback:

  1. If you have Portlet Factory installed, start with the built in tutorials.
  2. Search for Portlet Factory tutorials on IBM developerworks
  3. Download redbook

Helmar Martens (@WPF_CODER), our Portlet Factory consultant now intated:  Brazil stated

 I find the WPF wiki – – the best place to find a wealth of free resources for WPF developers of all levels.

Our, CTO, David Wilkerson (@geedavid), may have topped them all. He dedicated an entire blog entry to the topic: (this is just an excerpt and you can click on the image to see the whole article).

So, what do you find the most helpful free resource for Portlet Factory? Don’t be shy.

Oh, by the way, here’s a plug, if you want to follow the conversation we have on twitter here’s the information:

Davalen —
Portlet Factory —
Lotus —
OmniFind —
David Wilkerson —
Helmar Martens —

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