Coming Next Month – Facets and Navigation

From Peter Wilkerson, Search & Discovery Practice Area Manager

You know what it’s like to be frustrated by search and navigation.
You go to your intranet site and know what you want to find but can’t seem to find the right category path to get there. You then turn to search and enter one or two keywords — and get an avalanche list of documents back. What you want is the ability to group the results into manageable (and useful) bite-sized groupings so you can see if you are getting what you want.

Having an effective, functional taxonomy is a traditional way of accomplishing this goal. Another way is to use “facets” or attributes that describe different aspects of the individual documents, products, etc. being returned in the result set. The value of facets over taxonomies is that the end user has more control over how to group results in a way that makes sense to your user – versus forcing him or her to decipher the logic of how the taxonomy is constructed.

There will be more on this topic next month where I’ll discuss, in detail, what is involved with using taxonomies and facets while highlighting the known pitfalls.

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