New XPages Class

From Len Barker, Managing Partner, Lotus

I was asked to deliver two custom classes on XPages development this month and was fortunate to come across new courseware developed by The RockTeam, aka Lotus Education Online.

“Building XPages Applications with IBM Domino Designer 8.5.1”, D8C55, is a wonderful four day class that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to teaching a student how XPages really works. Until I came across this course I had to use knowledge that I had gained on development projects and the mini-tutorials that can be found in the Lotus Wikis when I was teaching folks how to work with XPages. I have also taught IBM’s two day workshop on XPages. That workshop is a fine introduction to XPages but is self-paced and covers much less material. If your team of developers is planning on moving applications to XPages (and they should be!) then check out the links above and call Davalen to setup a class.

D8C55 teaches best practices in 26 topics like:

  • Debugging
  • XPage and Document Security
  • Dijit Widgets
  • Input Translation Converters
  • Tips for Converting Existing Domino Apps to XPages

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