Nothing like Kick-Off Day at PEC2010.

by Dave Jacob, Managing Partner, WebSphere

The kick-off meeting this morning was very exciting with the discussion of integrating more components to the IBM WebSphere Portal family of products including socialization and analytic.

A more subtle message was the adoption of IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory as the development platform for Portlet development and the September 1, 2010 release of IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory version 7.

Spoon’s presentation on best practices for Portlet development, html templates and Rich Data Definition files was well received by close to 40 people and the discussion continued into the evening at the Davalen booth in the expo center.

Fusion Charts and Davalen’s new builder got lots of notice as we described more robust ways to make dashboard charting more dynamic.

The highlight of the evening was meeting the new very nice “cupcake” at the cocktail reception, a traveling smorgasbord of desserts. I was fortunate enough to have my picture taken with the true celebrity of the night, which was not easy to do as she was placed in the middle of a portable table surrounded by desserts.

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