What are your organization’s pain points?

by Ruth Jarvis, Marketing

In the Davalen monthly eNewsletter, our collective practices come together to share relevant news and information on the technology that powers your projects.

Before linking you to all our fantastic articles for the October edition, I just wanted to introduce our special guest writer, Girish Kumthekar. Girish is providing his recommendations for “Cleaning In” your WebSphere Commerce environment with fixpacks. Girish has been working with IBM WebSphere family of products since 1999 and his expertise focuses on Portal, WCM, Process Server and Commerce server with special emphasis on Infrastructure, Architecture, Performance and Migrations. He is also well versed with related product offerings such a DB2, LDAP, TAM, ITCAM and Wily Introscope in order to provide complete solutions.

For our three other articles this month we have dedicated our time to discuss the pain points that your organization is or can face from a business standpoint.  Dave Jacob will take a look at your satisfaction level related to the cost and speed of your application development while Len Barker takes a look at your overall business needs and provides an example specific to the insurance industry. Last but not least, Peter Wilkerson will take a dive into the world of timely information and how it fits into your current search infrastructure.

As always, from technical tips to consulting and mentoring services, Davalen provides comprehensive resources for your business needs. So take a quick break and gain some valuable insight from the professionals who know it best.

PS – Don’t forget to check the latest news and past articles on our blog.

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