Portal & Portlet Factory at Work in the Insurance Industry

by Dave Jacob, Managing Partner, WebSphere Practice

Dave Jacob
Dave Jacob

We were recently presented with an interesting problem in the insurance industry to solve.

A major insurance company wanted to make their Independent Agency system more accessible by their agents directly. The information they needed was stored in many legacy systems that were not designed to communicate with one another. The solution that was selected involved IBM Portal as the glue to share the disparate information and IBM Portlet Factory as the development environment.

The solution began with the Davalen WebSphere Portlet Factory Application Development curriculum to quickly get the data processing employees up to speed on Portal development, followed by a joint Davalen/Insurance Company architecture and design phase.

Responsibilities were assigned for various design phases including theme and skin development, client jars to interact with the legacy services, Portlet Factory service consumers and ljos to translate the services, and finally a GUI layer to display the results.

In addition, portlets had to be defined to work in a coordinated fashion to display all relevant information to the agent, regardless of which legacy system contained the information.

Finally, all information needed to be displayed in the portlets via one authentication sign-on.

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