At the EWE 2011 Conference!

by Michael “Spoon” Witherspoon, Lead Portlet Factory Architect

And having fun.  As always one of the great things about these conferences is seeing old friends and making new ones.  In the short time I’ve been here (just since yesterday) I’ve done both already.

The opening session was great.  I learned two great new things:  First, WebSphere Portlet Factory, my bread and butter for over 10 years now, is getting a new name:  IBM Web Experience Factory.  Second, the world of mobile computing as really caught on.  

WPF (WebSphere Portlet Factory) to WEF? or will it be WXF?  or something else for short?  It seems that Portlet Factory isn’t just for making portlets any more.  With the widgets and mobile apps it’s become so much more.  The mobile computing stuff in Portlet Factory 7.0.1 looks quite promising.  By using a couple of builders and a Theme XML file one can expose a portlet app to a mobile device in a format and using functions that are natural for that device.  It sure looks to me like exposing portlets to mobile devices is going to be pretty easy.

Re mobile computing:  it seems everyone is doing it now.  Considering that I only got an Android phone less than one year ago, I’m surprised in myself that I’m excited about mobile computing.  I got the phone so I could get my GMail on it.  Now I’m using a variety of apps.  I’m following the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs in one app and playing Scrabble with friends using another one.  And, yes, I get my email there, too.  Now that I know that the number of mobile devices will soon exceed the number of desktop and laptop PCs I’m pretty sure that this mobile computing thing is going to be here for a while.

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