Davalen is Hiring! Looking for Solution Sales Representative for NorthEast, US

The Solution Sales representative – Davalen Brand Specialist is responsible for developing specific ICS Brand/product specific solutions that address client’s business needs (both industry and business) and deliver client value while supporting brand specific business strategies.

In this position, the representative:

  • Maintains strong relationships with IBM Client Executives, SCL Leaders, and Customer executives and influencers in the IT and Line of Business organizations in these accounts.
  • Thoroughly understands the client’s business, including their organization, financials, competitiveness in the market, and business issues.
  • Creates solutions which are tailored to client’s business needs and integrates the brand capabilities in a way that is valued by the customer and superior to the competition.
  • When necessary, understands and navigates Davalen to identify and acquire critical resources needed to develop the best solution for the client.
  • Thoroughly understands and applies Davalen strategies and offerings for the specific assigned brand.
  • Promotes specific brand capabilities to develop a winning solution which addresses the client’s unique business needs.
  • Maintains an understanding of the client’s industry and how the client’s business fits within it.
  • Understands Davalen’s/IBM brand /product capabilities in order to develop winning solutions that deliver client value propositions, are tailored to the client’s specific business needs, and are superior to the competition.
  • Is aware of Davalen”s/IBM’s methods and models used in the solution design and delivery team has considered the appropriate methods and models in the customer solution.
  • Position is based in the Boston area selling Collaboration Solutions to the Fortune 500 and General Business customers.


1. Bachelor’s Degree
2. Readiness to travel up to 30%  traveling 2-3 days a week, home on weekends
3. English fluent


1. Information Technology
2. At least 4 years experience in Apply Knowledge of Major Competitive Trends
3. At least 3 years experience in Apply Knowledge of IBM Offerings/Technology
4. At least 3 years of over quota attainment in a defined territory
5. At least 2 years experience in Use Communication Skills

Please, no recruiters at this time.

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