Are you craving more information about IBM Web Experience Factory?

Participate in this landmark opportunity to join Davalen’s beta class (WPC53 Beta 1.0) coming summer 2011 – IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0: Application Development II.

This is the first version of the new follow-up course made available to a select public and will be offered at a reduced rate of $1,000 for up to 4 days of online instructor-led training. The author of the course, Michael “Spoon” Witherspoon, our local Web Experience expert, will also teach it. That is a $2,800 savings with the added benefit of Spoon’s experience and the opportunity to provide critical feedback.


What’s the primary objective of the course?

To teach experienced IBM Web Experience Factory (formerly named IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory) application developers advanced user interface techniques. These include Web 2.0 using Ajax/Dojo, JavaScript specific to Web Experience Factory, error/exception handling, and extending portlets to mobile devices through effective lecture and hands-on exercises derived from common, real-world situations.

Who’s the audience for this course?

Web Experience Factory application developers with at least 6 months of experience developing applications using this tool.

Any Prerequisites?

Since this is an advanced level course, completion of IBM WPC52 (Davalen TG916) or equivalent knowledge and experience is required. As an FYI – the next WPC52 course is taking place August 15-19, 2011. You can enroll here. A strong foundation in Data Page, Model Container, Imported Model, and Profiling are necessary. Moderate experience in Java, HTML, and JavaScript is also required.

So ask yourself…  

  • Am I craving more information about IBM Web Experience Factory?
  • Do I enjoy being an early adopter of technology
  • Am I available late summer 2011?

Contact Davalen immediately to sign up for the WPC52 Beta 1.0 course for just $1,000! Call (800)827-8451 or email us.